The collection is composed by few basic elements,
essential and soft, imperceptible to the touch.

Each garment is manufactured using
an innovative biodegradable nylon yarn.


Nil and Omnis

This collection is the most essential capsule ever thought. 

The simple, clean lines are designed to follow carefully all body shapes. 

These swimsuits will make you feel good, anywhere – their miniman design fits every occasion.



Nature as the first Muse.

What do you feel when the sand goes through your finger? 

The Materia collection is inspired by touch, the different sensation of each fabric on the skin, the textures of Nature.

Ode alle maree

 ODE ALLE MAREE is a tribute to Nature,
to the Ocean and the whole marine ecosystem.


Colors of the sky

Celeste, like the clear sky in a sunny summer day. 

Lilla, like the sky at dusk with its dim, uncertain light. 

Blu, like the darkness of the night, lit only by the moon.